Workshop Descriptions and Speakers

Called to Shepherd Your Core Team

Dr. Pamela MacRae, Professor, Applied Theology and Church Ministry

Program Head for Ministry to Women and Ministry to Victims of Sexual Exploitation, Moody Bible Institute

A functional and organizational team of women working together to accomplish gospel ministry has great potential for relationships that are delightful and soul-satisfying. However, they can also be discouraging and frustrating. Often we are at a loss to know how to best function as a team. Dr. Pamela MacRae, professor of Ministry to Women for over 13 years at Moody Bible Institute, will teach principles for women working together both from Scripture and real-life experience.

Called to Mentor and Teach Younger Women

Dr. Gloria Grell, Adjunct Instructor, Applied Theology and Church Ministry, Moody Bible Institute

Scripture calls women to teach, encourage, and mentor younger women. Younger women today are asking women to answer that call. Yet, too often women back away from this due to barriers of fear, feelings of inadequacy, or lack of training. This workshop will address these barriers as we discuss who to mentor, the goal of mentoring, beginning a mentoring relationship, and the essential elements of mentoring.

Called to Teach God's Word: 5 Ways to Effectively Impart the Bible

Dr. Heather Holleman, Teaching Instructor, Department of English,

Pennsylvania State University, and serving with Faculty Commons (Cru)

As leaders called to pass on our knowledge of God's Word to an increasingly biblically illiterate generation, we might wonder how best to reach our audiences. Seasoned educator and writing professor Heather Holleman teaches us how to share God’s Word based on not only biblical models, but also on the research of how people learn best. Discover how to speak and write in ways that engages audiences, transform their thinking, and leave them with information they can remember.

Called to Influence

Jamell Meeks, First Lady, Salem Baptist Church, Chicago

Women have power to influence others in areas of everyday life such as family, health issues, business endeavors, and ministry opportunities. It’s a high and holy calling that comes from our everyday walk with Christ. Jamell Meeks will equip women to use the power of their influence by sharing practical ways to live out their calling to influence women and address needs in your community.

Called to Make Disciples

Christy Spader, Team Leader, Cru, Ohio U. & Southeast Ohio

Jesus led a movement of multiplying disciples that changed the world. He then said in John 14:12 to do what He has done. The call to make disciples is a call given to each one of us. Jesus gave us the model, now we follow His lead. Get ready for an interactive session that will challenge your mind, stir your heart, and—as we look to Jesus—grow your own disciple-making ministry to the next level.

Called to Awestruck Wonder

Judy Dunagan, Acquisitions Editor, Moody Publishers

In the midst of ministry leadership, it’s easy to get so caught up in serving Him that we lose the wonder of knowing Him and loving His Word. In this seminar you will journey with a former burned-out women’s ministry leader to rediscover the purpose and beauty of your calling. Learn practical ways to guard against apathy and burnout and reignite a passion for your ministry, and for God and His Word.