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Megan Brown

The Four Core Concepts for Ministry to Women with a Military Context

with Megan Brown

With a focus on four essential elements, Megan will share insights on building ministries designed for women in a military context. Currently, the United States is home to over 450 operational military installations. Every single state has at least one military base or operational station. Because the contemporary military community is constantly on the move and being sent to the far corners of the globe, this community is perfectly positioned to serve God as ambassadors for Christ. This workshop aims to equip women in the church to evangelize, disciple, develop, and release military connected women for the work of the gospel.

Megan Brown

Military Ministry Pipelines: Ministry Methods that Serve Military Connected Women

with Megan Brown

What does it look like to plan ministries that draw in military connected women? With a focus on three key activities and contextualized offerings, Megan unpacks the purpose of pipelines- not programs. Military ministry pipelines have a goal outside of simply providing a place and space for military members to gather or be served. Pipelines have the goal of funneling military connected women and their families into deeper relationships with people in the local church. Pipelines do not function independently, but rather provide support for church leaders, ministry directors, and pastoral teams to evangelize the military communities in their backyards.

Emmanuella Carter

Emboldened – Saying Yes to Your Calling

with Emmanuella Carter

The debate surrounding women in ministry has declined, but the fear for women to embrace that call has not. In this workshop, we will move past fear, insecurity, and other bags we carry and become emboldened to run hard after the unique calling God has for you.

Anna Cotto

Discipling Women in a Postmodern Culture

with Anna Cotto

We see an increasing number of women deconstructing or abandoning their Christian faith and struggling to follow Jesus and His values. Yet, we are called to be followers and make followers of Jesus amidst a culture that sees this as foolishness. In this workshop, we will discuss the unique characteristics of a postmodern culture and the opportunities we have to address the needs of women through discipleship methods that are especially relevant in a postmodern world.

Judy Dunagan

Living in the Unshakable Victory of Christ

with Judy Dunagan

As a ministry leader, do you sense that the women you are serving seem to battle the same fears, lies, or doubts, wondering if they’ll ever overcome them? Or, perhaps you are feeling defeated or discouraged in your own walk with Christ and it can seem like the enemy has more power than our Almighty God. In this workshop, author Judy Dunagan will share practical, biblical truths about how to faithfully pick up the weapons of God’s Word, His armor, and prayer as we seek to live in the victory that Jesus Christ has already won for us.

Keri Early

Theological Education in the Church: Strategies and Methods

with Keri Early

In a world that encourages people to live their own truth, solid theological training is essential. Does your church have a plan? Whether you are starting from scratch, have a solid plan in place, or are somewhere in between, this session is for you. Discover how to work with a team, develop/adapt resources, and customize a multi-tiered plan for your church. Packed with practical ideas and resources, we will interact and collaborate to plan and shape how to equip others in your church theologically.

Amy Gannett

Raising Tiny Theologians: How to teach children theology

with Amy Gannett

As parents, teachers and ministry leaders, we have the joy and privilege of passing the faith onto the next generation. But how do we teach children more than Scripture memory; how do we teach them doctrine, theology, and more? When can children grasp theological concepts, and how do we teach them theology in age-appropriate ways without watering down the concepts? This workshop aims to unpack these question and more.

Deb Gorton

Restoration after Trauma

with Deb Gorton

The experience of trauma is significant, creating wounds that can impact our emotional, relational, mental, and spiritual health. This workshop provides an overview of what trauma is and how it impacts our whole personhood. We’ll explore the framework of God’s presence in the midst of trauma, and review practical, biblical strategies for leaders to experience and/or ignite the process of restoration, reconnection, and resilience in the aftermath of trauma.

Simone Halpin

The Intersection of The Gospel and Human Trafficking

with Simone Halpin

Simone Halpin, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Naomi’s House will speak to what it takes to overcome trauma experienced from commercial sexual exploitation. She will explore the intersection of The Gospel and what it takes to heal from human trafficking. Is Jesus enough? This session will include what a ministry to survivors must include to usher in life-change, stories of incredible healing, and how God uses each one of us to play a part in offering hope to survivors.

Mary Hendrickson

A Woman’s Worth

with Mary Hendrickson

Today, many women struggle to find their worth. We are often defined by our roles—mother, wife, minster, etc. While these are blessings that God has given us, our roles do not define our worth. In this session we will discuss how women can recapture their true worth by viewing ourselves as God intends. By exploring as Jesus interacted with the woman at the well, and other pertinent scriptures, we learn how to resist cultural narratives and instead embrace the true narrative of who God says we are.

Kristin Jacobsen

Making Space

with Kristin Jacobsen

“Community.” It’s a church buzzword. We are really good at communicating lofty vision for community but consistently fail to deliver. Who among us hasn’t been a part of an awkward small group or a gossipy table at Bible Study? Still, I’m not quite ready to give up on these spaces to provide connection and spiritual transformation. In this breakout we will reflect on our deep need for community and explore practical ways to create authentic spaces that foster spiritual growth.

Dee Jobe & Elizabeth Thapp

Flourishing in Every Season as a Pastors Wife: Tackling the Four Pitfalls that can Derail Us.

with Dee Jobe and Elizabeth App

This workshop specifically for the wives of pastors will discuss pitfalls to avoid in order to flourish in every ministry season. 1) Nurturing Spiritual Fervency: Spiritual apathy can quickly take the joy out of ministry and leave us questioning our call. 2) Managing Expectations: Get out from under the blanket of other's expectations of what we should be and do! 3) Balancing Family Life: Though our marriage and family are one of the greatest gifts we have, we can sabotage these relationships by not making room to enjoy them and keep healthy boundaries. 4) Living in the Present: As we journey into later seasons of our lives and ministry we can get paralyzed by past regret. 

Cyndi Leamon

Current Strategies for Ministering to Women in the Local Church

with Cyndi Leamon

Much has changed in ministry in the last few years. Although the message of the Gospel does not change over time, ministry methods need to evolve to meet today’s women’s needs. Learn how to assess, organize, and move forward with helpful ministry structures that are transformational and multiply disciples in the local church. Receive teaching while also having time with like-minded peers to share ideas, experiences, and stories. Have you been called to lead women in your church? Then this is for you whether a volunteer or on a ministry staff team, to learn practical ideas that equip you to go back and serve your church strengthened and encouraged.

Laurie Norris

Messages that Move: Proclaiming God's Word with Passion, Power, and Precision

with Laurie Norris

This workshop will equip you with necessary building blocks to prepare an expository message from God's Word. We will consider together both the theological "why" and practical "how" of biblical preaching that faithfully and relevantly bridges the Word of God with a contemporary audience.

Cathie Ostapchuk

Responding to Opposition

with Cathie Ostapchuk

Since Eve, opposition to the female voice has been, if not overt and palpable, subtle and nuanced, lying beneath centuries of ingrained beliefs about our inherent value. As a female Christian leader, how do you respond to the opposition in order to effectively create healthy environments where the whole church can flourish? In this session, you will begin to:

  1. Discover the danger when gifted Christian women are held back from contributing to the shaping of the future church. Research proves the presence of 30% women at decision-making tables is critical to change.
  2. Discover how clear self-definition and Christ-rooted identity can effectively answer the opposition.
  3. Develop practical steps to reshape your responses to opposition in order to positively influence your ministry environment.
Christy Spader

She-ology: Thinking Theologically about Women in Church Leadership

with Christy Spader

Can a woman be a pastor? Are women supposed to stay silent in the church? Let's face it, the Bible says some challenging things to women. In this workshop we will tackle a critical issue of the church today: Women in Church Leadership. We will provide an overview of the topic, discuss varying perspectives that exist, and lean into what the Bible has to say about this topic.

Sheri Thomas

The Church Planting Marathon

with Sheri Thomas

Are you listening to an inner critic evaluating what you do, how you do it, and who you are? We will look at both the messages of shame and lies that can knock us off our feet and the truth that can gives us footing for life and ministry. This interactive workshop is designed for anyone who wants to go the distance in ministry and live to tell about it. The presenter will be open and transparent so you can see the process working in her.

Valencia Wiggins

Seasons of Renewal: Cultivating women ministry leaders in time of crisis

with Valencia Wiggins

Ministry leaders have a responsibility to carry the vision of their team and provide leadership and vision. However, what happens when individuals on your team present complicated life challenges that may impact other relationships in your ministry? This interactive workshop will examine the challenges and opportunities for ministry leaders who serve women who may be dealing with relationship wounds and past trauma. Tools will be provided to help ministry leaders come alongside individuals on their team, recognize signs of spiritual and emotional crisis, and strengthen relationships.


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