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Fanning into Flame the Secret Place: The Key to Maintaining and Feeding Fervor in Your Ministry

Sylvia Amador
New Life Community Church, Little Village, Lawndale, Chicago

Do you feel like you sometimes lack that “spiritual fervor” that Paul talked about? Do you feel that your passion is waning as you serve the Lord? Are you giving and pouring out into others while your own cup feels empty? So many of us allow the busyness and pressures of ministry to choke out the practice of actually being with the Lord. The key to maintaining fervor and passion in serving God is found in the “Secret Place,” in spending time daily at the feet of Jesus. This workshop will provide motivation and practical steps to refresh your time with the Lord. We will look at examples from servants of God who knew their need and ultimately learned from Jesus' example for choosing the secret place. It is there, in the secret place, where we find the wisdom we need to lead, the discernment to counsel, and the love to give. Come, regain perspective, renew your strength, and learn to receive the daily grace to faithfully follow God’s call.

Avivando el Fuego del Lugar Secreto: La Clave para Mantener y Alimentar Tu Fervor en tu Ministerio

¿Sientes que a veces te cuesta mantener tu pasión, tu “fervor” en tu servicio al Señor y al ministrar? ¿O que estás dando y dando en tu ministerio, pero tu copa se siente vacía? Habiendo estado en el ministerio desde que era adolescente, he descubierto algo: la clave para mantener mi fervor en servir a Dios se encuentra en el Lugar Secreto, en pasar tiempo a diario a los pies de Cristo. Seguro que esto es algo que ya sabes, pero es posible que aun las ocupaciones y las presiones de tu mismo llamado te roban este tiempo con Dios. Quizás necesitas nueva motivación y un “empuje” para hacer este habito esencial una realidad diaria. Este taller te dará motivación e ideas practicas para refrescar tu tiempo con el Señor. Veremos ejemplos de siervos de Dios que no hubieran sobrevivido sin buscar la presencia de Dios regularmente, y ultimadamente aprenderemos del ejemplo de Jesús. Es allí, en el Lugar Secreto, donde encuentras la sabiduría que necesitas para dirigir, el discernimiento para aconsejar, el amor para dar, donde renuevas tus fuerzas y recibes gracia diaria para ser fiel al llamado de Dios en tu vida. No lo podemos descuidar.

Sexuality: A Theological Perspective

Hannah Bloomquist
Resident Director, Covenant College

In this workshop, we will unpack a theological perspective of God’s design for sexuality and how it informs our practical response. Developing a deeper understanding of his design helps us to see his created intent for sexuality as a beautiful, whole, fulfilling, and protective. Due to our culture’s polarizing perspectives regarding issues of sexuality, we will inevitably encounter various questions and conversations about such topics. We have the privilege and burden to study God’s design for sexuality so that we might effectively disciple those we are shepherding toward a healthy and biblical practice.

Soul Care for Sustainability in Ministry

Holly Bosier
Adjunct Instructor, Moody Bible Institute

As leaders, we sometimes find that the demands of our ministries and the expectations of others have outpaced our capacity to give, and we recognize that our own spiritual health is no longer flourishing. While we know that our ministry to others will suffer without the recalibration of our souls, many of us struggle to find our way back to a thriving, intimate relationship with the Lord. Workshop participants will receive the opportunity to slow down and reassess their spiritual health. Through time together in Scripture, prayer, and reflection, we will identify the greatest areas of personal need to bring before the Lord for renewal and restoration.

You Are What You Love and Choose: The Dignity of a Chosen Life

Dr. Rosalie de Rosset
Author, Speaker, Professor of Literature, English, and Homiletics at Moody Bible Institute

It takes so much strength to be unseduced by the culture. How easily, then, women can assume impoverished views of womanhood as beauty and desirability are emphasized above their God-given minds and creativity, leading them to become divided and distracted selves, swapping their pursuit for God for tamer lesser loves. This seminar is a definition and examination of the importance of dignity in every life, a quality that leads a woman to be intentional in her choices.
Some of those are as follows: cultivating her intellect, taking seriously her voice, and seeing the importance of theology with regard to all her choices (reading, technology, entertainment, modesty, and sexuality). This workshop is designed to help those women cut through to these most significant issues that inform a woman’s character and future.

Biblical Essentials for a Ministry to Women

Dr. Gloria Grell
Adjunct Instructor, Applied Theology and Church Ministries Division, Moody Bible Institute

This workshop is for those who lead a Ministry to Women, who lead some element of the ministry, who want to be prepared for leadership, or who hope to start a Ministry to Women. We all allow someone to define the essentials in our ministry. Is your list of essentials shaping your ministry defined by Christ and His Word? His essentials are the only way to build a ministry that helps women know the Truth that sets them free. Come and learn about what these essentials are and ways to shape a ministry on them.

Embracing Uncomfortable

Dr. Deborah Gorton
Gary D. Chapman Chair of Marriage and Family Therapy, CMHC Program Director, Associate Professor, Moody Bible Institute

Owning the steps necessary to experience radical transformation and deepen our relationship in a shallow world is about embracing UNCOMFORTABLE. It’s a process that begins “by the renewal of our minds” in order to move to a place of discernment as to what is “the will of God and what is good and acceptable and perfect” (Romans 12:2). Until you know why you were born to choose “comfortable” and the courageous steps necessary to embrace “uncomfortable” – you’re not going to change. This workshop is going to equip you to make that choice by

Basic Counseling Skills for Ministry Leaders

Dr. Mary Hendrickson
Assistant Professor of Human Services and Pre-Counseling, Moody Bible Institute

Whether you are a pastor, spiritual director, mental health counselor, mentor, or are in some other type of people-helping role, you are confronted with the need to effectively counsel and minister to others. In this workshop, participants will be equipped with basic counseling skills that transcend discipline, and that helps them become more effective people-helpers by integrating Christian faith and counseling perspectives.

Refreshing Your Commitment to Urban Ministry

Nancy Holec
New Life Community Church, Midway, Chicago

There are countless strategies in how to minister in urban areas and the questions surrounding the topic are just as numerous. Nancy is convinced that the love of God, communicated through the people of God, can overcome any obstacle found in the streets of the inner-city. The hope of this workshop is to empower you to minister in urban neighborhoods with renewed hope.

Deep Small Groups in a Shallow World

Kristin Jacobsen
Women's Ministry Director, Bethel Church, Crown Point, Indiana

Our world has never been more connected. Social Media has made it possible to know everything and nothing about those in our lives. These superficial connections leave women feeling empty and insufficient. Enter small groups. Small groups, when done well, offer our women an opportunity to deeply connect with those around them. In this workshop, Kristin will present the essentials needed to create an environment where women can be themselves, practical ways to lead fruitful group discussions, and how to avoid common pitfalls of a failed small group.

Anxiety Takeover: A Look at Anxiety and Practical Ways to Overcome Anxiety Through the Integration of Truth

Roslyn Jordan
Licensed Professional Counselor, Post-Graduate Fellow

With the plethora of things going on in our world today, we have plenty of opportunities to strengthen our faith muscles when it comes to worry and anxiety. What we believe about ourselves, others, the world and most importantly about God, plays a key role in dealing with and overcoming the anxiety that negatively impacts our lives. This workshop will look at anxiety and practical steps to help you and those to whom you minister overtake the anxiety that threatens to overtake and cripple you.

Practical Tips and Tricks to Increase Your Productivity in Ministry

Peggy Leyden
Independent Management

Peggy will share practical tips for managing your work and your teams. Simple helps like how the use of an agenda will help you to run better meetings, how to better organize for projects, and how to make better presentations with a simple planning tool. Peggy will help you increase your awareness and care for the stages of team development for your ministry project teams. You will discuss the powerful practice of weekly planning, a discipline that will transform your management of time! Plan your week, every week, before it begins which is considered to be the number one strategy to increase your productivity.

Furthering Your Theological Education

Dr. Pamela MacRae
Professor and Program Head of Ministry to Women, Moody Bible Institute

Would you like to learn more about educational training opportunities for yourself or other leaders in your church? Do you wish you could take classes, without the obligation of all the degree requirements and without putting your life on hold? Join Dr. Pam MacRae for an informational workshop on the Certificate of Ministry to Women Cohort (Moody Bible Institute, online) over which Pam is Program Head. This certificate program is designed for women with busy schedules who currently are in ministry or want to be equipped for a ministry leadership position. Come hear more about this exciting opportunity for biblical, theological, and practical training for your ministry!

Deepening Intimacy with Christ

Elizabeth Mitchell
Author and Bible Teacher

If you were asked the question, “How is it with your soul?” what might your honest response be? Far too often, those of us in ministry prioritize our front-stage responsibilities while neglecting the critical back-stage where we nurture our relationship with Christ. This interactive workshop entitled “Soul Care” will focus on refreshing, practical ways to develop a deeper intimacy with Christ that incorporates the art of gratefulness and contentment as part of replenishing our souls in the midst of our jam-packed, everyday lives.

Messages that Move: Proclaiming God's Word with Passion, Power, and Precision

Dr. Laurie Norris
Associate Professor of Pastoral Studies, Moody Bible Institute

This workshop will equip you with the necessary building blocks to prepare an expository message from God's Word. We will consider together both the theological "why" and practical "how" of biblical preaching that faithfully and relevantly bridges the Word of God with a contemporary audience.

Planting the Seeds for a Bountiful Harvest: Discovery Bible Study

Krista Ophus
New Life Community Church, Little Village, Karlov, Chicago

The parable of the sower describes the Word of God as the seed. The desire of all Christians is to become the type of soil that will produce a bountiful harvest, yet many have become content with little fruit. In this interactive workshop, we will dig deeper as we learn tools to help us discover God’s Word in a simple way that is transforming lives and communities around the world.


Sembrando las semillas para una cosecha abundante: Estudios de descubrimiento

La parábola del sebrador describe a la palabra de Dios como una semilla. El deseo de todos los creyentes es ser un terreno que produzca una cosecha abundante, pero muchos cristianos se frustran al no ver mucho fruto. En este taller interactivo exploraremos la palabra de Dios al aprender herramientas de descubrimiento que están transformando vidas y comunidades alrededor del mundo.

Confident Leadership: Deeper Waters, Bigger Waves

Cathie Ostapchuk
Speaker, Leadership Development Consultant, and Coach

The post-modern, post-Christian world calls for leadership that understands women, the church, and the challenging culture we find ourselves in. It calls for leadership that is forged in the deepest waters of the soul so it can be carried with strength and dignity to crest the wild waves of challenging church and ministry environments. As women are wondering about their place in the church, we as leaders need to be deeply anchored in core biblical truths about the Source of our identity, our value, our power, our voice, and our positioning. We then must inspire the women we lead to bravely go against the tide of conformity and lead in their spheres with confidence.

Ministry in a Small or Rural Church

Olivia Ruhl
Speaker, Bible Teacher

Jesus commissioned his followers to go forth and make disciples of every tribe, tongue, and nation…this includes the small towns of Peotone, IL, Dennison, OH, Alton, NH, and the hundreds of other small places of which you’ve likely never heard. Sometimes, however, both church and culture can give off the perception that the smaller the town the less significant or the less valuable. This is far from true and unbiblical! In this workshop, we will talk about the big impact the local church can have in the small places, the big responsibility to equip those in your local church to be ministers of the Word in the small places and the big gospel that is sufficient to meet the needs of the small places.

Coming Alongside Women Who Have Been Abused

Ashley Schmutzer
Counselor, MA, LCPC

With more and more scandals of sexual abuse cropping up in our churches, we must learn to look at and deal with those in our congregations who have been abused. Whether it is something that occurred to one as a child, a teen, or an adult, it is time to acknowledge that this is anywhere from 20-33% of our women in our congregations. In this workshop, Ashley will talk about statistics, characteristics of abuse, long-term effects, healing, and how we as the church can help.

Discipling like Jesus

Christy Spader
Team Leader at Cru

Jesus tells us to go and make disciples, but, where do I start? How do I do it? In this workshop, we will eavesdrop on an intimate moment between Jesus and the Father in John 17 to answer some of our questions.  Whether you are a lay leader or a ministry director, if you are thinking about discipleship, this is for you. This practical, biblical, and interactive workshop will challenge your mind, stir your heart, and - as we look to Jesus - grow you as a disciple-maker.

Understanding the Needs in the Stages of a Woman’s Life

Valencia Wiggins, PhD, LPC
Assistant Professor, Clinical Training Director, MACMHC, Chicago, Moody Theological Seminary

Women are uniquely created by God, and with our God-given uniqueness, we experience life with a different perspective across the lifespan of development. Each stage of life brings unique joys, life changes, and opportunities for spiritual, and emotional growth. This interactive workshop is designed for ministry leaders who work with women in all stages of life, whether in church ministry, para-organizations, or even small groups.


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