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Morning Workshops   


Impacting Your Culture

Dr Lina AbuJamra
Living with Power Ministries

Sharing Christ with others is an essential part of Christianity. But in today’s culture, putting that practice into action can be challenging. This workshop seeks to uncover common reasons evangelism has lost its flavor and how to biblically engage a society that is distracted by current culture. The world urgently needs the message of the Gospel, and it’s Church’s responsibility to share Christ. Learn how you can reach the culture for Jesus while living a counter-cultural life.

The Great Omission

Jill Briscoe
Telling the Truth Ministries

Start in Jerusalem, then Judea, then Samaria, then the uttermost parts of the earth. How far have I gotten?

Called to Joy in the Midst of Suffering

Katherine Clark

Joy lies at the core of the Christian life. But how can you have joy amid suffering? Where is joy in the grim diagnosis, broken relationships, poverty, addiction, or violence? Katherine, author of Where I End: A Story of Tragedy, Truth, and Rebellious Hope, will share the story of how a spirited game of tag on her son’s playground ended with her lying in the woodchips paralyzed. A diagnosed quadriplegic with a miraculous story, Kate looks beyond clichéd responses to suffering. Learn how shallow happiness contrasts with a rich theology of joy.

Called to Develop a Culture of Disciple-Making in Your Local Church

Anna Cotto
Director of women’s discipleship for Village Church

God called the Early Church to “go and make disciples.” Today you’d expect the local church to prioritize disciple-making, but it doesn’t always. In this workshop, we will discuss what distracts the local church from discipleship and discover practical strategies that’ll help you focus on growing disciples who, in turn, make disciples.

Co-Laboring with Our Brothers

Dr Gloria Grell
Adjunct instructor at Moody Bible Institute

Women in ministry leadership often serve under or alongside all-male teams. How can we effectively contribute to these teams and co-labor with our brothers for the sake of God's mission? How can we avoid silencing our voices or becoming loud, clanging symbols? In this workshop we will examine what God's Word says about how and why to use our voices. We will discuss the challenges and blessings of these teams, and ways to co-labor with our brothers.

Living and Leading Out of God-Given Self-Worth

Dr Deborah Gorton
Director of Moody Counseling Center, Moody Theological Seminary

As leaders, we have a critical need to function consistently out of a biblically-defined understanding of our self-worth. Standing firm on the foundation of worth as solely set by our identity as image-bearers of Christ allows us to accurately evaluate our emotions, our circumstances, and our relationships. This workshop will focus on contrasting our experiences of leadership when we define our worth on performance and perceptions of others verses truthfully as a daughter of Christ - fearfully and wonderfully made.

Basic Counseling Skills for an Anxious Generation

Dr Mary Hendrickson
Assistant professor at Moody Bible Institute

Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental health concerns in the United States. Research estimates that 18 percent of adults and eight percent of children and teenagers experience an anxiety disorder. In this workshop you’ll be equipped with basic biblical and psychological counseling skills to tackle issues related to anxiety.

Practical Tips and Tricks to Increase Your Ministry’s Productivity

Peggy Leyden
Independent Management consultant; delivery consultant for FranklinCovey

As leaders in ministry, we need to be excellent at the work we do! Learn a few practical tips or be reminded of good practices—like using an agenda to run efficient meetings—that will help you plan for projects, and make better presentations. You’ll discuss the practice of weekly planning, and learn to plan your schedule before the week begins. This one discipline, more than any other, that will transform your management of time!​

Furthering Your Education

Dr Pam MacRae
Ministry to Women program head at Moody Bible Institute

Would you like to learn more about educational training opportunities for your church? Do you want to take classes without the obligation of degree requirements and the interruption of putting your life on hold? Learn about the Certificate of Ministry to Women Cohort (offered through Moody Bible Institute Distance Learning). This certificate program is designed for women with busy schedules who currently serve in ministry or desire a ministry leadership position. Hear more about this exciting opportunity to receive biblical, theological, and practical training for your ministry!


Clarifying Your Calling

Kelli Worrall
Professor at Moody Bible Institute

The subject of calling can evoke all sorts of thoughts and emotions. At times, you might be confused about your calling. Multiple paths might stretch before you and leave you in search of a clear direction from the Lord. Other times, you might be overwhelmed by all you appear called to do. Still other times, you might feel frozen or stuck, discouraged by the call God seems to have placed on your life. In this workshop, you can address these and other common reactions surrounding the concept of calling. Examine a biblical understanding of calling and discover some practical guidelines for pursuing what God has created you for.

Afternoon Workshops 12:45 p.m. and 2:00 p.m.


Radical Calling: What it Means to be Called and How to Live Out Your Calling with Power

Dr Lina AbuJamra
Living with Power Ministries

Do you know your calling? Are you living it out with power and purpose? How do you become equipped for the work God has called you to? In this two-hour workshop Lina will challenge you to identify your God given calling and learn how to grow stronger in it. She will cover some of the most common obstacles to living out your calling and how to overcome them. She will also help you identify the tools God has given you to grow in your God given gifts. In the second hour Lina will use her own calling as a Bible teacher as a backdrop and illustration to learning how to build your whole life around God’s plan for your life. She will show you how to develop biblically sound messages and communicate with clarity and authority what God has already worked out in you. If you’re a Bible teacher or aspiring Bible teacher looking to grow in your gift, you won’t want to miss this workshop.

God's Invitation to Intimacy: Spiritual Formation in Grief and Loss, Part 1 and 2

Holly Bosier
Adjunct Instructor at Moody Bible Institute.

The seasons of our lives as women involve ongoing transition and often, loss. Whether we are faced with losses that result from unrealized dreams, whether we have experienced the death of a loved one, or whether we live with a traumatic loss that has altered the course of our lives, we have the gift of a suffering Savior, “a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief.” The comfort we receive from Him in our pain is what we extend to others. Learn how to companion with those who face seasons of grief and loss. As we connect with our own stories, we will explore how the grief process offers us a sacred invitation to allow Christ to be formed in us. ​


Dr Rosalie de Rosset
Professor at Moody Bible Institute

Teaching Women The Dignity Of a Chosen Life

Freeing your mind from the prevailing culture takes a lot of strength. Women can easily assume impoverished views of womanhood that value beauty and desirability above their God-given minds and creativity. This seminar defines and examines the vital dignity in unique individuals—a quality that produces intentional choices and cultivates theological intellect. The seminar is for those who lead and mentor women. Learn how you can cut through problematic issues and effectively inform feminine character for the future.


Developing a Theology of Leisure: Mindful or Mindless

God cares about how you spend your time. What you choose to do subconsciously can affect you more than what you do purposefully. Everything belongs to God—especially your leisure. Christians who float into the patterns of the culture often risk becoming drifters. God cares also about how you use your technology and the resulting effects on your leisure and relationships. This seminar provides theological grounding from which to think about time and how you choose to spend it.

Fundamental Principles for Building a Biblical Ministry to Women, Part 1 and 2

Dr Gloria Grell
Adjunct Instructor at Moody Bible Institute. 

Regardless of the size, location, denomination, and demographics of a church, the fundamental principles for building a biblical ministry to women are the same. God's Word gives us these principles. Look at the biblical reasons, purposes, goals, and elements of ministry to women.

How A Biblical Foundation of Self-Worth Transforms Your Leadership and Your Life

Dr Deborah Gorton
Director of Moody Counseling Center, Moody Theological Seminary 

Keeping our emotions in check instead of letting them define us (i.e. I feel inadequate not I am inadequate). An ability to set healthy boundaries despite the pressures of others An enhanced capacity for valuable risk-taking


Basic Counseling Skills for Ministry Leaders, Part 1 and 2

Dr Mary Hendrickson
Assistant professor at Moody Bible Institute.

Whether you are a pastor, spiritual director, mental health counselor, mentor, or operative in another social service role, you likely desire to effectively counsel and care for others. Develop basic counseling skills that transcend disciplinary differences and learn to serve others effectively by integrating Christian faith and counseling.



Deep Small Groups in a Shallow World, Part 1 and 2

Kristin Jacobsen
Interim Women’s Ministry director at Bethel Church

Our world has never been more connected. It is now possible for you to know everything and nothing about those in your life. These superficial connections leave women feeling empty and insufficient. Enter small groups. Small groups, when done well, offer our women an opportunity to deeply connect with thosearound them. In these workshops, Kristin will present the essentials needed to create an environment where women can be themselves, practical ways to lead fruitful group discussions, and how to avoid common pitfalls of a failed small group.


Woman in the Mirror: Looking at Depression and the Soul of a Woman, Part 1 and 2

Roslyn Jordan

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, one in eight women experience depression in their lifetime—regardless of ethnicity or background. This workshop looks at how to recognize symptoms of depression, give practical steps for dealing with those symptoms, and advice on when to seek help. Approach this difficult topic from a biblical perspective with the support of other godly women and join with the Psalmist in proclaiming, “Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God” (Psalm 42:5).

Called to Launch and Grow Movements of Disciple-Makers, Part 1 and 2

Christy Spader
Team leader with Cru

Jesus led a group of disciples that, in turn, multiplied and changed the world! In the Bible he tells me to do what He has done. Can I do this? Where do I start? How do I do it? In these workshops we will take an evaluative look at both Jesus' ministry and our own, and answer some of these overarching questions. This practical, biblical interactive workshop will challenge your mind, stir your heart, and—as we look to Jesus—take your own disciple-making ministry to the next level. Whether you are a lay leader or a ministry director, if you want to build a movement of multiplying disciples, this is for you. 




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