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At Called, you will have the opportunity to attend three workshops out of the 16 being offered by experienced ministry leaders and professors. But don’t worry about missing any! Each workshop will be recorded, and after the conference ends, you will receive virtual access to all 16.

Each workshop will occur at three different times during the course of the day, with the exception of Cyndi Leamon's, who is leading a three-part workshop. The content in each of her sessions will be developed so that a leader can attend one, two, or all three.

There’s no need to register for a workshop in advance. Just join whichever three you choose.

Workshop Times:

Workshop #1: 10:30–11:30 a.m.

Workshop #2: 1:00–2:00 p.m.

Workshop #3: 2:15–3:15 p.m.

Workshop Descriptions


Called Workshop Speaker Asheritah CiuCiu

How to Write and Publish Your Bible Study: Five Things I wish I knew before I Got Started 
with Asheritah CiuCiu

So you want to write a Bible study? Join bestselling author and Bible teacher Asheritah Ciuciu for an interactive workshop that will help you structure, write, and share your Bible studies with your local church and beyond. Whether you're a seasoned teacher or a beginner, you'll learn the basics of researching and studying the biblical text, understanding the reader's needs, and developing an engaging layout and/or Bible study method. Asheritah will also share an insider’s look into the publishing process and open the floor for Q&A.


Called Workshop Speaker Kristin Jacobsen

Jesus and John’s Women
with Kristin Jacobsen

From Jesus’ countercultural conversation with the woman at the well to his compassion toward the woman caught in adultery, there is much to be learned from Jesus’ interactions with women in the book of John. In this workshop, we will explore how these encounters between Jesus and these first-century women offer encouragement and hope to women today.


Called Workshop Speaker Mary Hendrickson

Looking Through the Windows: How to meet hurting women in their “window of tolerance”
with Mary Hendrickson

As ministers we have a responsibility not just to respond to hurting people, but to understand that person’s current state that we can respond with discernment, bringing hope and healing to that person. In this workshop, you will learn how to respond to hurting women based on their emotional, psychological, and spiritual condition, thus helping them lead a conscious, healthy, and Spirit-filled life.


Called Workshop Speaker Christy Spader

She-ology: Thinking Theologically about Women in Church Leadership
with Christy Spader

Can a woman be a pastor? Are women supposed to stay silent in the church? Let's face it, the Bible says some challenging things to women, and the church has interpreted and applied those statements in a variety of positive or negative ways over the years. In this workshop we will tackle a critical issue in the church today: women in church leadership. We will provide an overview of the topic, discuss varying perspectives, and consider God's purposes for women.


Called Workshop Speaker Cathie Ostapchuk

The Non-Anxious Female Leader
with Cathie Ostapchuck

Leadership through self-differentiation is not easy; conforming to expectations in your church or ministry culture is far easier. It’s a myth that you can be successful as a leader without pain: there is the pain of isolation, loneliness, personal attacks, and even losing friends. When you are a female Christian leader, the nuances of leading when many think you shouldn’t add fuel to the fire. How do you maintain clarity about your own God-given call and gifts and be less likely to become lost in the anxious emotional processes swirling about? How do you as a female leader be separate while remaining connected, and maintain a confident, non-anxious leadership presence? When anxiety goes viral, so can leadership confidence—when tethered to the source of all identity, Jesus. Using statistics and stories that narrate the challenges of being a female leader in this cultural moment, Cathie also offers biblically sourced solutions so you, as a female leader, can overcome anxious leadership with confidence and courage.


Called Workshop Speakers Raychel McKelvy

Reading Scripture Well
with Raychel McKelvy

Reading Scripture publicly can be daunting. How can we make it alive, passionate, and engaging for our listeners? This workshop will explore what the Bible says about the public hearing of Scripture, as well as explore the ways to read and present Scripture well.


Called Workshop Speaker Ellen Wildman

Single and Not Sorry: A Calling to the Church
with Ellen Wildman

Single women play an active role in the church, yet often feel that their contributions are overlooked. Some feel like their lives only truly begin after they walk down the aisle, while others think the church will see them as more spiritual or wise once they have a ring on their finger. And yet the Bible affirms time and time again that our value in Christ is independent of our relationship status. We'll address common misunderstandings about singleness while equipping you to understand and love the single women in your church.


Called Workshop Speaker Deb Gorton

Creating a Community Culture: Building Bonds, Breaking Loneliness
with Deb Gorton

This workshop is designed to equip leaders to build transformative community cultures that empower women to seek deeper connections and overcome loneliness in the light of faith. The World Health Organization declared loneliness a worldwide epidemic in November 2023. Churches have a responsibility to address the “pressing health threat” of widespread social isolation and disconnection. Discover practical tools to strengthen existing bonds and foster new relationships grounded in Christ and the teachings of love, compassion, and unity. Together, we'll embark on a journey to create a supportive community that echoes the values of faith—where loneliness dissipates and lasting connections flourish.


Called Workshop Speaker Judy Dunagan

Take Heart: How to Live in the Unshakable Victory of Christ
with Judy Dunagan

Just hours before His arrest, Jesus spoke these words of hope over His disciples: “I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world” (John 16:33). Are you feeling defeated and discouraged, perhaps even questioning the call God has placed on your life as a ministry leader? The enemy wants to fill you with fear or discouragement and rob you of the joy of faithfully serving your Lord Jesus. In this powerful session, you’ll discover practical and biblical ways to combat those fears and faithfully pick up your mighty weapons of God’s Word, His armor, and prayer as you seek to live in the victory that Jesus has already won for you.


Called Workshop Speaker Keri Early

God's Story, Your Story: Telling Your Story with Jesus as the Hero
with Keri Early

As believers, we have the truest and best story to tell—God’s story as revealed in Scripture. A powerful and effective tool for pointing others to God’s story is by sharing your own. This workshop will introduce you to a framework and resources that will guide you in crafting your own story and equipping others to do the same in a way that points to the big picture of Scripture.


Called Workshop Speaker Ashley Armijo

Life on Life: Discipleship with Young Adults and Teens
with Ashley Armijo

Discipleship is not easy, especially with the young adults and teenagers that make up Gen Z. How can women connect and pour into the next generation of women effectively and successfully? Join Ashley, a young woman herself, who has discipled and poured into the lives of many young women in different cultural contexts, including the Navajo Nation, the West Side of Chicago, and online to thousands of women across the world. You will be equipped and encouraged to continue in your calling of pouring into the next generation of godly women.


Called Workshop Speaker Elizabeth Mitchell

Perfection Not Required: God Uses People in Imperfect Circumstances to Do His Perfect Work
with Elizabeth Mitchell

Our stories are valuable to God, even the complicated and chaotic parts that might leave us feeling inadequate or simply exhausted. Through this interactive workshop, we will discover together, that as we journey through the challenging places, God gifts us with souvenirs of grace, strength, and courage for exactly where we are. With lots of practical application for our everyday lives, we will interact with remarkable women like Mary Magdalene and Ruth, who demonstrate for us how to be resilient in the face of overwhelming odds.


Called Workshop Speaker Gloria Grell

Deconstructing Faith: A Gospel Response
with Gloria Grell

Deconstructing faith. A threat? A trend? Or a path to a treasure? How do we view and respond to this process described as the deconstruction of faith? The answer must not first be based on fear or experience or culture. Rather, we must view this process through a biblical lens, a lens that sharpens our theological vision of the gospel. In this workshop we will see how a right theology of the gospel provides the needed response and support to those in the process of deconstructing their faith, a response that can lead them to the treasure.


Called Workshop Speaker Sandy Malone

Caring for your Marriage in Ministry
with Sandy Malone

In this workshop, you’ll delve into the nuanced art of nurturing your marriage amid the distinct challenges inherent in your calling. Within this reflective environment, you’ll explore practical tools and teachings that will help you strengthen the foundation of your marriage relationship. Through thoughtful discussions and personal insights, you’ll navigate the intricacies of sustaining a resilient and healthy marriage and receive hope and encouragement to take the next steps toward healing. Join us as we discuss how to weave together the responsibilities of ministry with the delicate care required to cultivate thriving marital connections.


Called Workshop Speaker Olivia Ruhl

A Theological Vision for the Pastor's Wife
with Olivia Ruhl

“Who am I?” is an age-old question that we all wrestle with, not least of all, a pastor’s wife. Many are quick to give an answer to what a pastor’s wife is by providing a list of what she does. Yet, as Scripture shows, conduct is shaped by doctrine. Before we think about what a pastor’s wife does, we need to understand who she is as a part of the body of Christ. Develop a theological vision of the pastor’s wife that will provide clarity and freedom for you to live the role God has given you in the local church.


Called Workshop Speaker Cyndi Leamon

Evolving and Developing a Transformational Ministry to Women in the Local Church 
with Cyndi Leamon

Workshop #1 – Best Practices and Practical Help in Evaluating Needs and Creating a Plan
Much has changed in ministry over the last few years. Although the message of the gospel doesn’t change, ministry methods need to evolve to meet today’s women’s needs. Learn to assess, organize, and move forward with transformational ministry structures that multiply disciples in the local church. Gain practical tools to evaluate your ministry and create a plan that reaches all generations of women, both young and old.

Share ideas, experiences, and stories with like-minded peers. Have you been called to lead women in your church? This is the workshop for you—whether you’re a volunteer or on a ministry staff team. You’ll learn practical ideas that equip you to go back and serve your church strengthened and encouraged.

Workshop #2 – Best Practices and Practical Help in Implementing Ministry Changes
Have you tried implementing a new ministry idea and it didn’t have the impact you desired? Or maybe you are in the middle of implementing a new idea and wondering what to do next. Are you experiencing opposition to ministry changes? Or are you at the beginning and wondering how to get started? Implementing any ministry change is not easy, but it is doable and vitally needed to meet today’s women’s needs. Learn from biblical examples about how to successfully implement change.

Share ideas, experiences, and stories with like-minded peers. Have you been called to lead women in your church? This is the workshop for you—whether you’re a volunteer or on a ministry staff team. You’ll learn practical ideas that equip you to go back and serve your church strengthened and encouraged.

Workshop #3 – Best Practices and Practical Help in Leading Discipleship in Groups

Best Practices and Practical Help in Leading Discipleship in Groups
This workshop will provide best practices and practical help on how to:

  • develop not just disciple
  • design mentoring approaches
  • create outward, evangelistic focus
  • implement impactful prayer
  • increase biblical literacy
  • multiply leaders and groups
  • select, recruit, and retain leaders
  • develop leader roles
  • encourage group discussion for all members; and
  • balance discussion with talkative and quiet members.

Share ideas, experiences, and stories with like-minded peers. Have you been called to lead women in your church? This is the workshop for you—whether you’re a volunteer or on a ministry staff team. You’ll learn practical ideas that equip you to go back and serve your church strengthened and encouraged.


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